Creatives! Rise above the noise like Michael Jordan.

Creatives! Be Like Mike: 5 Lessons from The Last Dance


If you haven’t watched the ESPN and Netflix documentary, The Last Dance, have you really been in social isolation? No, really – have you? Sure, you’d have whisked your coffee into a Dalgona, grunted your way through your last rep of sit-ups, or even changed the background of your Zoom chats to inject an element(more)

Empathy in Customer Experience

Why empathy is important in customer experience: 3 tips to getting there

Vincent Tutay

Design thinking, user experience, customer experience, what do all these buzzwords have in common? If you say, human centricity, you’re actually only half right. While it’s true that human / user centric thinking influences these things, the skill we’d need to hone in order to practise, say for example design thinking, is empathy. What exactly(more)

global pandemic creativity

How to forge creative resilience during a global pandemic

Shawn Mak

2020 has brought a few unsavoury “c” words into our lexicon: Coronavirus, COVID-19, circuit breaker, to name a few. While everyone and their isolated neighbours brandish these words with whispered sighs and audible frustration, we should be wary about letting that other “c” word go down the proverbial toilet in 2020: Creativity. Just because the(more)

User Journey

Using user experience for your conversion funnel

Kai Min Ong

User Experience or UX is defined as any interaction a user makes with a product or service. The UX design takes into consideration every element involved that helps in shaping the experience. The goal of UX design is to build an easy, efficient, relevant and pleasing journey for the user. Many developers or planners have(more)

How brands react to global crisis


Nobody was prepared for what 2020 was going to bring. The emergence and proliferation of COVID-19 disrupted businesses globally, and yes, even creative advertising agencies. How brands react during this crisis has never been more important. “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” – Albert Einstein Delivering the right brand message at the(more)

antics' moodboard created during the 3rd design sprint

Design thinking: How it helps to create better solutions

Matthew Leu

Design thinking is one of the hottest things in the creative industry right now. Its popularity has been stewing away for the past few years, and recently came to a boil. Seemingly on the lips of everyone in the industry itching to get a piece of the integrated marketing pie, love it or hate it,(more)

Top 3 reasons why Christmas campaigns lack excitement

Yu Qing Wang

How many times have you seen that strapline shouting “30% off this Christmas”? Or a warm and fuzzy video? An advertisement filled with Santa Claus and festive decorations? You’re probably tired of seeing these, especially when many Christmas campaigns look so similar. Holiday season is a great way to make an impact. Yet it’s becoming(more)

Instagram thought they outsmarted influencers, will it backfire?


The world has had their say on one of the most rapidly growing careers of the millennial generation ­– influencers. As we know, there has been an ongoing debate on whether posing for photos is deserving of a 5-figure cheque. Having worked with these hardworking souls myself, it’s without a doubt a 24×7 job. Across(more)

What can we learn from Nintendo’s brand Switch up?

Keng Hwee Tan

Branding your product is as much an art form as it is a marketing tool. It is more than just giving it a name, logo or specific colour palettes. It is about giving your products and services an identity of its own. Done correctly, your brand would intrinsically embody and communicate your company’s values and(more)

Coke and Brand Storytelling

Why brand storytelling is essential to your marketing strategy

Shawn Mak

Storytelling is innate in all of us. Stories tell us our histories and of the world we live in. From early cave paintings to the oral and written traditions underpinning much of human civilisations and world religions. From Gilgamesh to Gutenberg, Shakespeare to Spielberg, stories are how we understand where we come from and figure(more)