antics Metaverse

Brands putting the “Me” in Metaverse

Vincent Tutay

One of the biggest buzz words in the late 2021 and early 2022 is of course the metaverse. With Facebook loudly proclaiming their name change to Meta, the world was abuzz with the possibilities. Combined with the sudden interest in NFTs, the metaverse has been predicted as one of the marketing trends for 2022. But(more)

Inclusivity diversity branding

Does your brand have a diversity and inclusion problem?

Shawn Mak

Ask any brand marketer what is their ESG strategy, and chances are they’ll tell you they have one in place or about to embark on one. But ask them what is their DEI strategy, and chances are they’ll stare at you blankly: D-E-Wha..? An acronym for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI impacts not just business(more)

Sustainable Design: Why it matters to your brand

Kit Thongchim

Let’s talk about sustainable designs. Why consumers demand it and how your brand can adopt it. First, meet the eco consumer We all know that #Sustainability is more than just a passing trend today. The rise of e-commerce marketing has made it easier for consumers to shop and research the brand they’re buying from. With(more)

Sustainability branding and what you need to know about it

Alston Chee

The term “sustainability” is everywhere. In recent years, MNCs, international non-profits and even micro-influencers are jumping onto the bandwagon. Besides being a statement or a feel-good video, sustainability branding is greater than the sum of its parts. From environmental impact to inclusivity and diversity, this is where we talk about all-things sustainability branding. So what(more)

7 Marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

Vincent Tutay

The lockdowns in 2020 saw marketers pivot their marketing strategies by adapting new technologies to survive. 2021 expanded on these technologies through creative application to stand out online. What then does 2022 bring in terms of marketing trends? What should we as marketers leverage and build upon in this next normal? In no order of(more)

Sustainability and branding: Should action or narrative come first?

Alston Chee

We gravitate to people who share the same views as us. Hence, it’s no surprise that social media has become a powerful tool, bringing like-minded people together. Naturally,  brands too, are riding in on this by standing up for their beliefs with sustainability branding. In recent years, sustainability has grown as a major purchasing decision(more)

Augmented reality, your brand and the consumer experience

Vincent Tutay

While the world slowly picks itself up from lockdowns and slow economies, digital experiences are moving faster than ever. QR codes have experienced a renaissance due to its use in contact tracing and vaccination certificates. After shuttering physical stores, more brands have now moved online and strengthened their e-commerce presence. App and online based delivery(more)

Nostalgia marketing and why it works

Shawn Mak

If you look at the branding and advertising landscape today, you may be forgiven for thinking that you live in the 1990s. Or 1980s. Perhaps the 1970s. Maybe even the ’20s. We live in a time when buzzwords like recycling and repurposing pepper our speech and action. But beyond environmentalism and sustainability, those buzzwords have(more)

TikTok: Why your brand should be on it

Kit Thongchim

If you’re thinking to utilise TikTok for your brand, now it’s time to get on board. With 2.6 billion downloads, it’s no surprise that Tiktok is becoming more popular among content producers and brands wanting to expand their audience, and reach millions of people. However, for some users, it may be a scary social media(more)

How the hospitality industry uses data to drive brand storytelling

Shueh Yee Tai

‘80% of brands who used these 3 tips experienced increased sales.’ Did that statement convince you to read on? Well, if it did, it’s probably because it made use of statistics to capture your attention. This is testament to the persuasive power of data and facts. Data is powerful, and when combined with storytelling it(more)