Influencers: Engagement and management

Jasmine Tan

Among the myriad marketing means and platforms, influencer engagement is quite the beast of its own. It can be dynamic, raw, highly interactive and engaging, and even to a certain degree unpredictable. Unlike one-way broadcast whether print or digital, or traditional celebrity endorsement, influencer engagement is inherently social. That means it often takes place on(more)

Play the Branding Game Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Evon Lim

Football fanatic or not, you probably would’ve heard the name Cristiano Ronaldo at one point or another. With partnerships with brands like Nike, DAZN and UFL under his name, Ronaldo has graced countless billboards, Instagram feeds and marketing campaigns. Despite his success on the field, most of his earnings comes not from his football career,(more)

Avatars: Coming to a real and virtual space near you

Shawn Mak

Avatars are coming to a screen near you, and I’m not talking about blue-skinned aliens at your local cineplex. With the encroaching web3, the rising popularity of the metaverse, the widespread adoption of NFTs and the accelerated maturing of technology, avatars are getting not only more omnipresent but also more sophisticated in use, function and(more)

An evolution in advertisement

Joy Lee

The ever-changing world of advertising Evolution doesn’t just apply to the animal kingdom; it doesn’t even just apply to physical objects. Our ideologies and expectations evolve over time to fit our environment, as well as our lifestyle. With that, the advertising world isn’t that much different. We’ve come a long way, from when tokens/models and(more)

Filling social gaps of ESG

Jasmine Tan

It’s been fifty-odd years since economist and Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman posited the wildly controversial shareholder theory. The shareholder theory holds the view that the sole responsibility and function of a corporation is to maximise profits. If the business executive acts in ways that does not maximise returns for shareholders, they do so at(more)

In-app mobile game advertising tips and tricks

Zhi Yan Teo

What is in-app mobile game advertising? Advertising on mobile games usually manifests in the form of In-game advertising. This variation of advertising is currently popular among game developers as a monetisation strategy to increase profits and revenue. Game developers often receive financial incentives and payments from business partners when they agree to display advertisements on(more)

Life cycle thinking: Make change with design

Kit Thongchim

How can design change the world? How do we design something sustainable for our planet or society? As a creative who has been working closely with sustainable brands and projects, these questions are very critical to me. Recently, I have come across the thinking approach called, “Life cycle thinking”. I have to admit that, there(more)

social media web3

How web3 will change social media and how to win(g) it

Shawn Mak

Web3 must be the social butterfly’s worst nightmare. And undoubtedly also the marketer’s. For many years now, brands have struggled to keep their head in the social media marketing game. The better and more successful ones have kept themselves ahead of trends, controversies and legislations, driving content, conversations and conventions. The rest of the world(more)

Being a Project Manager and a Mother – a 2-in-1 role

Joy Lee

The line is truly blurred sometimes; we inadvertently let our personal lives enter our workplace, despite trying to keep them separate. But in the world of advertising, this can sometimes be a good thing, especially in the area of project management. And as a mother, this becomes even more so. With the increase in daily(more)

NFTs in marketing: Nifty or nasty?

Vincent Tutay

NFTs exploded into world stage in 2021, birthing hypes that catapulted artists like Beeple to command a $69 million dollar price tag at Christie’s. NFTs as well as the metaverse, have been the buzzwords in marketing trends for 2021 and 2022. Since then a whole slew of artists and brands, hopped onto the band wagon(more)