Sustainability branding: Should action or narrative come first?

Alston Chee

We gravitate to those who share the same views as us. So it’s no surprise how social media has become a platform to share our beliefs and show our support to like-minded people online. Naturally,  brands too, are capitalising on this by standing up for something–be it for the environment or social good–all to do(more)

Augmented reality, your brand and the consumer experience

Vincent Tutay

While the world slowly picks itself up from lockdowns and slow economies, digital experiences are moving faster than ever. QR codes have experienced a renaissance due to its use in contact tracing and vaccination certificates. After shuttering physical stores, more brands have now moved online and strengthened their e-commerce presence. App and online based delivery(more)

Nostalgia marketing and why it works

Nostalgia marketing and why it works

Shawn Mak

If you look at the branding and advertising landscape today, you may be forgiven for thinking that you live in the 1990s. Or 1980s. Perhaps the 1970s. Maybe even the ’20s. We live in a time when buzzwords like recycling and repurposing pepper our speech and action. But beyond environmentalism and sustainability, those buzzwords have(more)

GenZ-er on Tiktok

TikTok: Why your brand should be on it

Kit Thongchim

If you’re thinking to utilise TikTok for your brand, now it’s time to get on board. With 2.6 billion downloads, it’s no surprise that Tiktok is becoming more popular among content producers and brands wanting to expand their audience, and reach millions of people. However, for some users, it may be a scary social media(more)

Hospitality Industry

How the hospitality industry uses data to drive brand storytelling

Shueh Yee Tai

‘80% of brands who used these 3 tips experienced increased sales.’ Did that statement convince you to read on? Well, if it did, it’s probably because it made use of statistics to capture your attention. This is testament to the persuasive power of data and facts. Data is powerful, and when combined with storytelling it(more)

create an effective content marketing strategy

Top 10 highly effective types of content marketing

Michelle Goana

There’s no better way to get your website discovered by search engines and engage your target audience with subjects they care about than content marketing. Content marketing has become one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that can be applied in all businesses across every industry. The internet is constantly challenging us to adapt(more)

When automobile brands trend toward advertising sameness

Shawn Mak

Another year, another Fast and Furious threatens to dominate pop culture and make us fantasise about pimping our rides and tricking our drives. As (pop) culturally watershed as the franchise has been, it has consistently failed to reflect real world automobile and automobile brand trends. The franchise trades in fantasy, yes. But so do auto(more)

5 interactive content trends your brand can explore

Kit Thongchim

Today, the rise of online customers’ expectations toward brands to produce thumb-stopping content and capture their attention has been challenging brands to improve their content marketing. People are demanding more meaningful experiences and more engaging content. Besides helping brands stand out and create brand recall, interactive content can help draw in some potential business partnerships(more)

Shopstreaming ecommerce

Shopstreaming: Why your ecommerce strategy needs it

Shawn Mak

The pandemic has brought about significant disruption, that much we know. But some disruptions have proven positive, like accelerating innovations and moving certain industries forward. IBM reported that COVID-19 has shifted the ecommerce scene by 5 years. And that supports what we’ve witnessed as marketers and consumers too. Brands that have been slow to get(more)

Podcast marketing: Transforming voice into brand loyalty

Alston Chee

Picture yourself in the near future. Welcome to an era of technological advancements! On a global level, a handful of countries now run on renewable, green energy. Closer to home, familiar brands make appearances on the face of your IoT-enabled home appliances—bridging the gap between consumers and brands. Grocery shopping or finding the best place(more)