agile workflow

Agile workflow: Empowering agile creatives

Vincent Tutay

What is an agile workflow Ask any software or developer based professional and they will tell you that Agile is a workflow methodology that is commonly used in software development. This workflow involves breaking down a project into smaller pieces called sprints. It is essentially an iterative process. The main goal for this is to(more)

exploring bespoke typography in branding

Exploring bespoke typography in branding

Ansari Ali

Bespoke typography is an effective branding tool that can help brands establish a unique visual identity. Custom typefaces are unique to the brand’s personality and values. Moreover, they enhanced brand communication and influenced how the brand is perceived by the audience. Let me break down the idea for you: Have you ever bought clothing that(more)

Comparative advertising: Outshining your competitors

Evon Lim

Heard of comparative advertising? What’s better than claiming your product is the best? Claiming that it’s better than your competitor’s, of course! That’s the idea behind comparative advertising, a marketing tactic that directly pits brands against each other. By highlighting differences and declaring superiority, companies hope to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. A(more)

Sonic branding: 6 Steps to start on the right note

Vincent Tutay

Ask most marketers what sonic or sound branding is and chances are they know of this form of marketing or have heard of it. The rise of smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Nest, have accelerated the adoption of sonic branding. Yet, most brands today, do not have a sonic brand and if they(more)

Is TikTok still important in the year 2023?

Elaine Lagat

Is TikTok still important in the year 2023? This is an issue that many marketers and business owners have been considering. TikTok has become a social media behemoth in recent years, thanks to its stratospheric surge in popularity. However, as with any platform, there are several things that businesses should be aware of. In this(more)

Tapping into the Potential of Chinese Social Media

Lim En Ning

If you haven’t already heard and done so, Chinese social media platforms are THE space to explore for business expansion. With 1.4 billion people and a growing middle class, China’s consumer market is attractive to businesses globally – Singaporean brands included. Chinese social media has emerged as a formidable force in the realm of digital(more)

What brands can learn from Generative AI

Kit Thongchim

It is hard to deny that Generative AI has become one of today’s hottest topics. Thanks to the advanced technology that makes generative AI goes beyond a generator tool for us to put a ginger cat inside the famous painting. We are witnessing the stage where brands and some industries start to use it as(more)

Sonic branding featured image

Engage and enhance recall with sonic branding

Vincent Tutay

Sonic or audio branding may not be a new innovation. In fact, audio was predicted as a marketing trend of 2022. Now, through the rise of Spotify and the increase in the adoption of voice assistants, the spotlight remains firmly on how audio helps in the overall brand experience. Netflix and that ubiquitous “ba-bumm”. McDonald’s(more)

ethical AI in marketing

What’s ethical AI in marketing? Which side are you on?

Shawn Mak

Interest in AI is at fever pitch. This is all thanks to ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, Google AI, Meta AI and Bing AI, among others. Promises are plenty, stumbles are frequent, yet anticipation for where it will all land remains high. For an industry that fetishises speed, scale, efficiency and automation, what’s not to like about(more)

NFTs: Not Fully Terrible?

Lim En Ning

At this point, almost everyone has probably heard the term NFT floating around somewhere. However, the accompanying hype does not come without repercussions. NFTs have been touted as harmful to the environment, creating many problems such as emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide, being so energy-intensive that minting one NFT is comparable to the amount(more)