Are you a full-time designer, part-time baker like me? Do you also spend 10 hours every weekend in the kitchen trying to bake and decorate the perfect cake in the design you envisioned? If yes, you are not alone!

In today’s workplace, we faced many challenges and one of it is the struggle to keep up with the many tasks we have to do within a day. But surely we can do something to prevent chaos and squeeze the most out of the 9 hours we have in the office.

Below are some techniques that you can apply to help you stay organised, productive and ultimately have a better day at work, regardless of where you are from – be it the marketing department, accounts servicing camp or designer gang.

Every June, I receive countless birthday emails from brands of all sorts, from Innisfree to Airbnb, Starbucks to Zalora. Despite growing accustomed to receiving them yearly and knowing that these wishes are part of their marketing ploys, I still fall for them. Admit it, everyone gets excited about their birthdays, no matter their age. Birthdays aren’t just special dates for consumers but it matters to your brand as well, serving as a great opportunity for you to foster closer ties with your customers.



Wrapping up

Birthday campaign when planned well, can be a powerful way to grow affinity for your brand and improve your bottom line. And if you are still unsure how to plan an effective birthday campaign, get in touch with us!