Podcast marketing: Transforming voice into brand loyalty

Alston Chee

Picture yourself in the near future. Welcome to an era of technological advancements! On a global level, a handful of countries now run on renewable, green energy. Closer to home, familiar brands make appearances on the face of your IoT-enabled home appliances—bridging the gap between consumers and brands. Grocery shopping or finding the best place(more)

The renaissance of the QR code

Vincent Tutay

Ahh the QR code. Love it or love to hate it? Despite having a lukewarm response when it first launched, you’re bound to see and interact with one everywhere. The pandemic has shifted people’s mindset in that they are now more accustomed to this technology. Gone are the days where people ignore this ubiquitous black(more)

brainstorming marketing plans

Marketing plans & trends for 2021

Winnie Pua

We are rounding off one of the last few client brainstorming workshops for the year.  As such, it timely to summarise some key areas that surfaced during these sessions. Off the back of a rough 2020, clients will certainly wonder what to put forth in 2021 marketing plans? Do we stick to tried-and-tested marketing techniques?(more)

Character Animator

Add Character Animator to level up brand storytelling

Kit Thongchim

Character animation has always been revolving around us. Whether it’s old-school, frame-by-frame drawing animation, to new-school, oddly-satisfying 3D illustration by Dimension. Or simple 2D brand character animations. These magical feats of graphical prowess create long-lasting impact for brands and marketing campaigns. Especially now in our multi-platform, device-addict society.   Dumb Ways to Die  You are(more)

Customer persona: How to profile your target audience effectively

Alston Chee

What comes to mind when you think of “target audience”? A mix of consumer stats or an actual person? With the proliferation of research technology from data trackers to advanced algorithms, it’s easy to get carried away with how accessible data is. Sometimes, researching your customers is just a Google search away. However, we are(more)

Project management

4 tips on improving client satisfaction in creative projects

Aglaia Sam

I recently attended a course on project management for creative projects. Here are some key takeaways on improving client satisfaction.   Practising empathy Creative projects involve some extra stress. You should always make sure that your client knows that you care about their project. It might be just a small job to you, but to(more)

Design Ops and why it matters for efficiency and effectiveness

Ops, not oops: What is Design Ops and why you need it

Shawn Mak

Increasingly, companies like Airbnb and Dropbox are championing a new term: DesOps. AKA Design Ops. And yes, it can get as tactical as that can possibly sound; but no, it doesn’t involve just moving troops from point A to point B. Rather, Design Ops serves a larger strategic intent. It can impact your organisation’s performance(more)

Post-COVID advertising. Darwinism at its finest.

Ricca Ocampo

The advertising industry is one of the key industries that had to evolve swiftly and in multiple times over the last decade. And it is continuously doing so as largely led by digital developments. From agency structures, tools, offerings, focus, strategies, and talent – the changes have happened so fast and those who couldn’t adapt(more)

Social Impact

Marketing for social impact

Vincent Tutay

We live in an age where increasingly “woke” consumers are tuning in more and more to brands that resonate with their social beliefs. With the rise of social activism, be it BLM, LGBTQIA+, Gender and/or Race Equality or Climate Change, brands can no longer remain silent. As brand custodians, marketers and creatives, we should realise(more)

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Developing new creative muscles post COVID

Winnie Pua

Many feel the stress and constraints brought forth by this recession. To this, I argue that COVID creates new marketing paradigms that should stimulate new creative muscles. You may be a strategic planner, a project manager or a creative. There are now new problems to be identified, new customer behaviours and emotions to learn and(more)