In-app mobile game advertising tips and tricks

Zhi Yan Teo

What is in-app mobile game advertising? Advertising on mobile games usually manifests in the form of In-game advertising. This variation of advertising is currently popular among game developers as a monetisation strategy to increase profits and revenue. Game developers often receive financial incentives and payments from business partners when they agree to display advertisements on(more)

Life cycle thinking: Make change with design

Kit Thongchim

How can design change the world? How do we design something sustainable for our planet or society? As a creative who has been working closely with sustainable brands and projects, these questions are very critical to me. Recently, I have come across the thinking approach called, “Life cycle thinking”. I have to admit that, there(more)

social media web3

How web3 will change social media and how to win(g) it

Shawn Mak

Web3 must be the social butterfly’s worst nightmare. And undoubtedly also the marketer’s. For many years now, brands have struggled to keep their head in the social media marketing game. The better and more successful ones have kept themselves ahead of trends, controversies and legislations, driving content, conversations and conventions. The rest of the world(more)

Being a Project Manager and a Mother – a 2-in-1 role

Joy Lee

The line is truly blurred sometimes; we inadvertently let our personal lives enter our workplace, despite trying to keep them separate. But in the world of advertising, this can sometimes be a good thing, especially in the area of project management. And as a mother, this becomes even more so. With the increase in daily(more)

NFTs in marketing: Nifty or nasty?

Vincent Tutay

NFTs exploded into world stage in 2021, birthing hypes that catapulted artists like Beeple to command a $69 million dollar price tag at Christie’s. NFTs as well as the metaverse, have been the buzzwords in marketing trends for 2021 and 2022. Since then a whole slew of artists and brands, hopped onto the band wagon(more)

Marketing by personality – MBTI’s 16 personalities

Winnie Pua

We have often segmented our target audience by demographics, psychographics. We have also mapped out various customer journeys predicting thoughts, emotions and responses. But wouldn’t it be logical to assume consumer’s personality play a huge role in our shopping attitudes and behaviour? Can we market by personality? Using the well-known MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), as(more)

Web3 technology

Is Web3 just another marketing buzzword?

Shueh Yee Tai

When Elon Musk tweeted about Web3 being just another ‘marketing buzzword’, what exactly did he mean?     First of all, we need to understand what Web3 is… Web3 is essentially a decentralized and more democratic version of our current internet. It represents the next evolutionary phase of the web where we’re witnessing a shift(more)

Sustainability partnership

Sustainability partnerships: Your how-to guide for success

Shawn Mak

Green consumerism is reaching fever pitch. According to Wunderman Thompson, 86% of consumers today expect businesses to play their part in solving challenges like climate change and social justice. It’s no wonder brands are now frantically racing each other, the clock and the climate, to do good, and look good. But unless you’re a Fortune(more)

antics Metaverse

Brands putting the “Me” in Metaverse

Vincent Tutay

One of the biggest buzz words in the late 2021 and early 2022 is of course the metaverse. With Facebook loudly proclaiming their name change to Meta, the world was abuzz with the possibilities. Combined with the sudden interest in NFTs, the metaverse has been predicted as one of the marketing trends for 2022. But(more)

Inclusivity diversity branding

Does your brand have a diversity and inclusion problem?

Shawn Mak

Ask any brand marketer what is their ESG strategy, and chances are they’ll tell you they have one in place or about to embark on one. But ask them what is their DEI strategy, and chances are they’ll stare at you blankly: D-E-Wha..? An acronym for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DEI impacts not just business(more)