Schroders Green Packet

Opening the fun of Hari Raya

Continuing their dedication to showcasing on Malay traditional games, antics@play collaborated with Schroders to produce yet another captivating and thought-provoking masterpiece that captures the Hari Raya spirit of unity and togetherness. Inspired by Congkak, an age-old game that stimulates friendly banter amongst family and friends, this year’s design is intricately crafted to pay homage to the rich traditions of the Muslim community in Singapore. Mindful of sustainability concerns, antics@play delighted with the design of their green packets for Hari Raya 2023 while also ensuring that all materials used are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. Holding the green packets in hand, antics@play hopes that they will serve as a cherished memory of the festive season, reminding everyone of the joy of the sheer bliss of unrestricted gatherings.

Polestar’s Stunning Feature in Robb Report

As part of our continuous media engagement for Polestar’s flagship car, Polestar 2 continues to prove itself as the superior choice, recently garnering praise in luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report. Touted to be a Dream Machine in their Jan-Feb 2023 print issue, Robb Report has decisively placed the Polestar 2 on a pedestal, hailing it as a triple threat – “saves time, the Earth, and a trip to Tesla”. With the announcement of the 2030 Singapore Green Plan, the government has already expressed their plans to remove internal combustion engine (ICE) cars from Singapore’s roads. Interested drivers may enquire to test-drive Polestar vehicles at its understated Leng Kee Rd showroom. Antics is proud to represent the Swedish performance EV brand, which is invested in sustainability causes and supports the sustainability movement, just as we do.

Read the full review of the Polestar 2 on Robb Report here.

Polestar’s Stunning Feature in Robb Report

Let’s Get Tu-gether with Schroders this Year of the Rabbit

The success of Schroders’ 2023 Red Packets is evident as seen from their multiple features across Business Times, Asia One and The Straits Times. Schroders ushered in a year of health, safety, and prosperity with their bright and festive design, adorned with 2023’s lucky flower, the Jasmine. The metallic inks used in rendering the paper mimics precious metals, adding an extra boost of luck and wealth for recipients.

Schroders remains committed to protecting the environment by using FSC-certified paper for all productions. We look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for us!

Schroders 2023 Red Packet

Schroders 2023 Red Packet

Say OOH! to NETS

Having recently launched their prepaid cards, NETS utilised Out of Home Advertising (OOH) by displaying advertisement banners on MRT platform screen doors. These were strategically placed in four different locations across Singapore to target five unique groups. Each group received highly targeted advertising that aimed to demonstrate that the NETS prepaid card is the go-to card for all aspects of their lives. More prominently, the NETS prepaid card is accessible to all, regardless of age, making it an excellent tool to explore the world of financial literacy.

NETS OOH Advertising Banners

NETS OOH Advertising Banners

NETS OOH Advertising Banners

SOL Aesthetic scores exclusive coverage with Mens Folio 

Sep 2022 – SOL Aesthetics’ Medical Director Dr. Sii is situated under the spotlight in an interview with style and beauty publication Men’s Folio. Apart from discussing his career, life, and motivations, Dr. Sii brings up the notion of “perfect” facial symmetry and how he employs his expertise to help achieve balance – the key to “perfection”. Dr. Sii also talked about aesthetics for men, and his journey to becoming one of just eight trainers of injectables that are appointed by pharma giant Allergan to elevate the standards of aesthetic medicine in Singapore. It is through paying keen attention to the media landscape and timely follow-ups that antics@play helped secure SOL Aeshetics and Dr. Sii an interview as illuminating as this. More information on this interview will be disclosed soon in both print and digital forms.

Click here to get a glimpse into the world of an aesthetic doctor.

First venture into the NFT space with Schroders

September 2022 – Have you heard about POAPs (Proof-Of-Attendance-Protocol)? Think of them as the digital equivalent of event ticket stubs – like commemorative memorabilia. They are a type of NFT memento associated with a specific time and date.

In our efforts to keep up with digital trends, antics@play supported Schroders in launching a set of POAPs. This initiative aims to progress beyond traditional physical gifts by embracing digital sustainability across three countries: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The NFT space is constantly evolving, fast-changing, and full of possibilities. Though we might be in the early stages of NFT adoption, there will undoubtedly be far more enticing NFT projects in the future. We look forward to realizing the immense potential of NFTs!

Performance EV Polestar 2 earns a shining review on regional news site CNA Luxury

Aug 2022 – An unprecedented partnership between Swedish automotive household name Volvo, and renowned Chinese automaker Geely, culminated in the 100% electricity-powered Polestar 2- an ingenious triumph of automotive engineering that won the highly-acclaimed title of New Car of the Year 2022. An in-depth review of the Polestar 2 was also published in the luxury section of the Asian English-language news titan CNA by an avid car enthusiast-cum-journalist who test-drove it for half a week. In alignment with the government’s push for an early switch to EVs from ICE vehicles, antics@play piqued the interest of senior luxury journalist Jamie Nonis by publicizing the slick specifications of the Polestar 2 that makes it a smoother ride as compared to its counterparts. Jamie experienced this luxury firsthand during a three days-long car loan.

Click here to read the full review.

Raising a toast to Agency of the Year Awards 2022

July 2022 – We’re thrilled to announce that antics@play clinched the prestigious ‘Local Hero’ award in three different categories, in addition to a Silver in another- taking home a grand total of four awards at the Agency of the Year (AOTY) Awards 2022.

AOTY is known for setting the benchmark that all agencies aspire to meet, and results have routinely been used by clients in agency selection processes. antics@play agency was named Boutique Agency of the Year, Creative Agency of the Year, Integrated Marketing Agency of the Year, and Consultant of the Year.

A toast to a job well done in meeting objectives and bagging a bunch of awards! We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the team for their invaluable passion and hard work. We anticipate that there will be greater things to come.

Double wins at #MARKiesAWards 2022

Jun 2022 – Cheers to a hard-earned Silver for Most Creative – Digital, and Bronze for Most Effective Use – Digital at Marketing Interactive’s MARKies Awards 2022 that serve as  testaments to the brilliance of our Beyond Profit Campaign! A huge shoutout to our client Schroders Singapore for granting us the opportunity to showcase the limitless promise and potential of sustainable investing. By transforming a traditional risk-returns relationship into one that values spiritual gains, people, and the planet- we successfully won over the hearts and minds of the judges.

In less than a month after launch, the campaign amassed over 9.5M impressions and 15k clicks across all channels. We would like to thank Schroders Singapore for making this win possible!

Bringing BFFs together with Tiger Brokers

Jun 2022 – Why trade alone when you can trade with a friend and enjoy zero comms for life! That’s the draw for our recently launched Tiger Brokers Zero Commissions campaign.

Almost everywhere is plastered with investment or brokerage ads featuring charts, rising arrows, greens, big 0s and of course, bulls. So how did we make our Tiger look different?

By standing out among the herd with colourful visuals and snappy copy, covering all the benefits of zero comms. Prowling across FB, IG, Reddit, digital takeovers and DOOHs, our series of 10 KVs kept ad fatigue low with ad rotation always ready to pounce. Certainly an invitation for all traders to trade with the tribe.

Tiger Brokers Zero Comission advertisements

Tiger Brokers advertisement

Tiger Brokers refer a friend ads

Leaping into a sustainable Tiger Year!

Feb 2022 – For Chinese New Year 2022, we ushered people on a journey, from the vibrant foliage and wildlife of the Schroders red packet to a companion microsite where recipients can do good for sustainability in the form of e-giving.

Schroders ‘Year of the Tiger: Regeneration’ campaign is about appreciating, preserving and restoring the splendour and beauty around us. Not just for the environment, but for the community. Collaborating with Singapore Children’s Society, we also helped to raise awareness for the organisation and drive donations to their cause to build a brigher year for local young cubs. The campaign was met with overwhelming approvals, and was featured by media, incl. The Straits Times, Business Times and SUPERADRIANME.

Schroders sustainability red packet

QR red packet

Investing into a better future with Schroders

Feb 2022 – Sustainable investing is taking centre stage. And we’re in a bullish position to make a difference! Partnering Schroders, we launched Beyond Profit, a CX-driven omnichannel campaign that spoke to the hearts of locals, showing them how investments can support their causes.

Singaporeans learned how investments can go beyond financial returns through myriad platforms: From full-page print ads and rousing videos on YouTube to website takeovers and programmatic OOHs and more. Not forgetting the new kid on the block, Tik Tok. Every campaign asset and touchpoint was strategically placed and optimised to reach target audiences and challenge them to think Beyond Profit.

The results? Demonstrable increase in awareness of sustainable investing and stronger brand association for Schroders. And we’re just getting started.

Shaking flavours up with SMH’s newest pau launch

Nov 2021 – Paus have come a long way. First, there were the classics, then the liu sha-type that oozes with salted egg filling, and now–introducing the Molten Milo Lava Pau. Collaborating with SMH Foods, Singapore’s largest dim sum manufacturer, distributor and exporter, we kicked off a PR campaign to launch their one-of-a-kind product.

From conceptualising media kits to creating content for the press, we helped structure and present the product’s key messages clearly and concisely–and more importantly, in an enticing way that attracted the media to bite.

Enriching the brand purpose of Wang Learning Centre

Nov 2021 – Wang Learning Centre is known for their rigorous approach to Mandarin tuition. They aim to help students establish a strong Chinese language foundation. Hence, the belief “Study Chinese, Yes We Can!”

Like education, effective branding also starts with a solid foundation. We took our client on a branding journey, guiding them on positioning, story, nomenclature and identity. Along the way, we helped to uncover their purpose as educators, so that they’re ready to prosper in their future endeavours.

Nurture the growth of your brand? Yes, we can!

Charging toward a greener future with Polestar 2

Nov 2021 – EVs are taking Singapore by storm! Together, in the front seat with Wearnes Singapore, we’re excited to be a part of this movement to drive change with the all-new Polestar 2.

As responsible consumerism gains traction, EV brands are starting to garner mainstream support for their positive impact. But with the entrance of other big players in Singapore, traditional automotive marketing tactics just won’t cut it. So we shifted gears and explored new ways to announce the arrival of Polestar 2 in Singapore.

Get ready, 2022! We can’t wait to reveal more.

Redefining beauty with Merz Aesthetics

Sep 2021 – Living in an era of empowerment and self-acceptance, brands are increasingly encouraging people to embrace themselves, take charge and live life to the fullest.

Merz Aesthetics is a global aesthetics treatment brand that has been the face of beauty empowerment. Through its Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) campaign, Merz aims to shed light on the normalcy of aesthetic treatments by beautifying one’s natural features with non-invasive treatments.

Together with the MASJ Squad and Experts Squad, we helped export this experience and evangelise aesthetic treatments. From crafting local and relatable messaging to sourcing relevant influencers and working with subject-matter experts, we strategised for markets across Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand to share knowledge, influence empowerment and build brand advocacy. We can’t wait to shake up the beauty industry with Merz Aesthetics in 2022!

Merz Aesthetics MASJ

Winning big at the Digital Impact Awards Asia

Sep 2021 – We’re thrilled to announce that our Schroders Singapore, Eastspring Investments, and GRID Communications campaigns have won 7 awards at the Digital Impact Awards Asia 2021!

The Digital Impact Awards is known for setting the industry benchmark in digital stakeholder engagement and honouring Asia’s best corporate digital communications work. And our campaigns were recognised for their effective use of ads, content, and activation–successfully raising brand awareness, education, and engagement. Here’s to a job well done, checking off all the required objectives and bringing home a bunch of awards!

Digital Impact Awards Asia