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Vincent Tutay

Add Dimension to your brand’s design and storytelling

One of the hottest design trends predicted for 2019 is 3D design. As 3D design software becomes more accessible and acceptance and demand for augmented reality increases, 3D design looks to be more than yet another trend.

What 3D design means for your marketing efforts

Adobe Dimension gives creative agencies, marketers and businesses, another toy to play with. To dream bigger and visualise ideas once too costly to mockup to get stakeholders excited. Whether adding life to designs or developing new ways brands communicate. In the grand scheme of things, it opens fresh and exciting ways for brand storytelling.

Mockup in 3D to visualise prototypes

3D design and typography

The strength of 3D design in storytelling is all the more apparent when developing ad campaigns. 3D typography isn’t the newest kid on the block. But take a moment to imagine: The headlines of your next big campaign, composed of abstract 3D-rendered shapes and objects.

Seamless design and copy with 3d typography

Give new meaning to your visuals so they work seamlessly with your copy. This, combined with another 2019 trend of bold and loud colours, has the potential to make designs not only pop off the page or screen but adds a level of depth that you’ll want to reach out and touch.

Make your customers’ experience 3D

3D design opens up new avenues to explore when it comes to expressing your brand’s identity and development. Fancy your very own cinematic splash screen? Combine 3D with animation, and you have an animated logo. Specifically, a 3D one that lets your brand express its unique personality. Need another reason to hop on the 3D bandwagon? The hottest social media platforms are exploring 3D formats. Remember that 3D post that had you staring at your phone, spinning around on the spot?

Bridge experiences through multiple touchpoints

Take it a step further and throw augmented reality into the mix. With tech giants Facebook, Google and Apple developing their own AR Kits, you can now integrate 3D design, both static and animated, across channels. Give customers a seamless journey from digital to print and even on-ground. Want to see it in action? Download Artivive and check out our logo through the app. See first-hand how the many tools at your disposal can be combined to create differentiated experiences.

Compose scenes dreamed up entirely in 3D

With powerful new tools in our toolkit, creatives can dream up compositions rendered entirely in 3D. The tools give us more control during the design process, allowing us to manipulate angles, lighting and placement. Now we can get the perfect shot without having a photo shoot. For startups and small businesses, this could be what you need to produce your next product shot of a prototype to get stakeholders on board with a new idea. No physical product or prototype yet? Don’t fret. 3D design is the solution you need.

Render 3D kiosks to see them before production

It’s easy to get carried away with all these shiny new toys at our disposal. While they give us new ways to bring your story to life, your story is what engages your consumers. Whatever story your brand wants to tell, add a new dimension to it.