ColorWash slide 1

What better way to impact the future than by promoting financial knowledge to parents? Together with Eastspring Investments, we did our part and educated the public across the region on the importance of financial inclusion and financial parenting–to build up the next-gen money-savvies.

And along the way, helped extend the brand into the lifestyle space to reach non-investors, evolving their narrative, and making good on their promise, “Experts in Asia, Invested in Your Future”. The best part is? We didn’t preach. We made them play.

Advertising / Strategy / Content / Writing / Film/Video / Digital / Social media
ColorWash slide 2


To most who aren’t in the field of finance, financial parenting may feel dry and preachy. Not to mention, financial attitudes vary differently among parents in various regions. So how can we make it more accessible to the general public?


First, we had to understand our target audience. Based on Duxton Consulting’s parenting research findings across 9 Asian markets, they suggested that there were 5 financial parenting personas.

Leveraging that discovery, we delved deeper and found that children learn by copying their parents, which matches the findings in Duxton’s research: That parents need to set a good example.

ColorWash slide 3

With the research and discovery, the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. We angled our campaign around the idea that parents should be good financial role models. Because ultimately, they are in the best position to influence and instil positive financial sense during a child’s growing years.

And now it’s time to shape up the campaign! We shot an intriguing and thought-provoking social experiment video with an outcome that surprised our participants.

The takeaway was to shed light on how children pick up and learn from their parents’ behaviour, whether it’s good or bad.

ColorWash slide 5

To make the subject of financial parenting more accessible, we needed to make it as simple as ABC.

With that in mind, we coined the strapline, ‘#MoneyParenting–Do it right together’. It’s a term so relatable to parents, no matter how much they know about finance. We wanted to show them that coaching their children toward a money-savvy future doesn’t have to be complex.

ColorWash slide 6

We also launched visuals of children mimicking their parents in various daily scenarios. It’s about how the smallest of actions can greatly influence our little ones.

ColorWash slide 7

As a digital-first campaign, we created a website as a platform for personalisation and data study for content and optimisation.

What’s more, we got parents to discover about themselves! The site housed an interactive persona quiz that parents could take to identify their parenting style.

The quiz results then curate relevant and personalised content based on each parenting persona. That way, every parent can find customised content useful for their money parenting journey.

ColorWash slide 8

On top of that, we took the campaign to social media platforms by storm. Introducing intriguing social media posts and a gamified interactive banner that got parents curious about their parenting style–all of which piqued interest and led people on their #MoneyParenting discovery.

ColorWash slide 9

With this campaign, we successfully position Eastspring in the lifestyle space beyond financial products. And the results show.

In Singapore and Malaysia, we received more than 50M impressions from paid channels in 3 months. The social experiment video also blazed a trail online, challenging 420K parents into action.

The campaign made headlines, with coverage by dailies, broadcast and business media from SG and MY to INDON and beyond.

And not just that, the term “money parenting” became a part of the parenting and finance lexicon, dominating search engines and even industry publications during the peak of the campaign.

Schroders Slide 1

Since 2009, Schroders and antics@play have been leveraging brand-led narratives and integrated comms to allow this respected global fund house to convey its purpose and thought leadership while creating an impact in the financial industry.

With an appetite for innovation and exploration, we shepherded Schroders along the ever-changing zeitgeist–showing the public that a financial brand can be much more through digital and sustainability-led initiatives.

Advertising / Strategy / Content / Writing / Print / Film / Video / Digital / Social media / Event
Schroders Slide 2


Working with a financial brand is akin to treading a tightrope. There’s a need to sound corporate to evoke confidence, method and stability. But sounding too corporate can void the brand of any personality. So how do you strike that right balance? Especially for Schroders–a brand envisioning to be part of a digital and sustainable future.


One of the benefits of working with a long-term client is you get to evolve alongside them. You’ll adapt to their needs, their industry, and most importantly–their audience. Over the years, we’ve managed to balance information, education, networking and entertainment. And that has created numerous groundbreaking moments in our partnership. Here are some!

Schroders Slide 4

Corporate literature and content–like fund brochures, white papers, video interviews–are commonplace; educating audiences on investment strategies and insights on topics from retirement planning to growing sustainable income.

But to create change lies in our DNA.

From experimenting with new creative mediums and launching sustainability campaigns to staging immersive and techy events, we’ve done them all. We brought Schroders on a journey of discovery into the heart of their brand and returned with unexpected ways of communicating their stories.

Schroders Slide 5

For Schroders, making a lasting, positive impact on the planet and people is in everything they do.

So in 2020, we launched #MakingAnImpact, a campaign that shined the spotlight on the inspiring, unseen side of everyday heroes: Athletes and their commitment to a better future.

Covering equality, inclusivity and sustainable food growth, the campaign spanned social media to website and FAQs. It garnered over 332,000 impressions in under a month. And surpassed industry benchmark on social media engagement. Not to mention, we also took home a duffle bag’s worth of medals from the MARKies and Digital Impact Awards.

Schroders Slide 6
Schroders Slide 8

Hitting a home run with #MakingAnImpact, it’s time to challenge Singaporeans to rethink their investments and let their wallets champion change.

With the launch of Beyond Profit in 2021, we showed people the true potential of sustainable investing and shifted the traditional risk and returns relationship into one that values spiritual, people- and planet-positive gains.

We crafted 3 narratives based on 3 causes that Singaporeans hold close to heart: Climate change, social mobility and sustainable food growth.

Schroders Slide 9
Schroders Slide 8

From rousing videos and full-page ads to digital out-of-home displays and social media, we sparked the idea of investing for good at every touchpoint.

The results?

In less than a month after launch, the campaign amassed over 9.5M impressions across all channels and achieved more than 15K clicks.

And not just that. We managed to educate over 93% of our audiences about sustainable investing, with nearly half pledging to invest for a better future. Concurrently, positioned Schroders as a leader and expert in sustainable investing.

Schroders Slide 12
Schroders Slide 13

Aside from pushing the needle with campaign work, we’re also heavily invested in creating experiential brand events and premiums for Schroders.

We have whisked guests from sake appreciation and whiskey tours to charity pantomimes and even a virtual comedy club, hosted by some of the best comedians in Singapore.

Every event we created featured a different experience based on pop-cultural themes and stories. And all of them were welcomed with much hype and anticipation–transforming this annual affair into a centrepiece in the finance industry.

Schroders Slide 10
Schroders Slide 11
Schroders Slide 12
Schroders Slide 13

Besides event invites, the annual Schroders Chinese New Year red packet is another highly coveted item. From augmented reality and scented ink to intricate designs and sustainable materials, our creative team continues to challenge and break boundaries every year.

Schroders Slide 14
grid mobile slide 1
grid mobile

GRID Communications, a B2B telco, appointed us to launch an MVNO into an already saturated space dominated by big players in Singapore. Inspired by the story of David vs Goliath, we created a cult brand–grid mobile–that spoke to a human truth, shaped conversations and directed client’s product strategies. How? By putting it in the hands of the people.

Branding / Research / Strategy / Identity / Advertising / Video / Digital / Social media / Influencer relations / Website
grid mobile slide 2


Since Circles.Life’s launch in 2016, MVNOs have quickly gained market share with cheaper, no-contract, and even zero dollar plans. With data-hungry consumers all clamouring for a piece of the action. Every player in town was offering customers more for less. And some, for nothing at all. How do you beat that?


With a strategy focused on empowering millennials, its core TA, we took to the streets, conducting straw polls to uncover their motivations and pain points around telcos. Then, leveraging client’s plans for an upcoming lifestyle rewards programme, we computed it was possible for customers to actually earn from using their mobiles.

grid mobile slide 3

Putting them together, we developed a brand narrative and campaign idea with this daring proposition: grid mobile pays you to do what you want. The benefit? So you spend less time worrying about spending, and more time on what you really care about: Living large-r and getting more out of life.

From a friendly logo to a rebellious colour scheme, to a suite of mix-and-match emoticons. We created an identity system that is set free to be as big and loud as you want (it) to be. The website and welcome kit greet customers with bold, larger-than-life expressions. Zesty, welcoming with a burst of cheer and energy. That’s how living large ought to feel!

grid mobile slide 5
grid mobile slide 6
grid mobile slide 7

With the brand foundation built, it’s time to launch it. The campaign furthered its narrative of living large and free. From UGC to micro-influencers, we let the consumers help us tell the brand story. Millennials showed off mad skills, like making a 5-tier nasi lemak cake and finishing an ice-cream cone in 1 bite; while others indulged their passions, dancing on trampolines and polishing off a 5kg plate of char kway teow; all inspiring each other what it’s like to live life on their own terms.

With the big brand narrative launched and understood, it was time to go deeper into product education. We focused on introducing the rewards programme and the price plan.

grid mobile slide 9

Using National Day as a launchpad (who can top a country’s freedom story? LOL), we placed ads strategically at City Hall MRT platform screen doors to reach young professionals and crowds attending NDP 2019.

And the goodies kept coming. A series of animated display ads drove consideration and purchase. All showcasing youthful energy with contrasting colours and a multiverse collage of living large and giving zero f–s.

grid mobile slide 10 Yasir

Content-wise, we continued the brand narrative on social media by offering bite-sized tips on hacking gridRewards and life.

Not only did grid mobile project a bold and colourful persona, it threaded a consistent narrative of freedom and empowerment through every touchpoint–from product and offer to visual identity and advertising. By putting customers in the driver seat of brand and product development, grid mobile was able to very quickly cut through the noisy market with a brand that relates and resonates. It was the David that made its mark in an industry of Goliaths.

grid mobile slide 11
grid mobile slide 12
Timezone slide 1

Opening its doors in 1978, Timezone, an international chain of family amusement arcades quickly became synonymous with joy and fun-filled memories across generations in APAC. Hopping on to play co-op with Timezone got our adrenaline pumping. We were going to take it to the final boss and beyond. What did Timezone need? A reboot, refresh and to get everyone itching to “Play Again?”

Branding / Strategy / Identity / Content / Print / Digital / Environmental / Social media / Content / Experiential
Timezone slide 2


With fierce competition from new and exciting brands, Timezone's youthful charm withered. Shooting up nefarious bad guys and their henchmen in Time Crisis, living NASCAR dreams in Daytona USA and branding from a bygone era wasn’t making the leaderboard anymore. To Millennials and Gen-Zs the brand was a dusty game cartridge.

Timezone wanted to reclaim its position as a leader amongst entertainment centres with new games and concepts. To accompany the new games and their smooth graphics, Timezone’s brand identity needed an equally eye-catching graphic card. This is where their target audience, Millennials and families, could experience emotional highs and learn through states of play.

Timezone slide 3


Developing Timezone’s new brand identity required us to equip it for modern conventions. This means brand collaterals that can be adapted for use across various media channels and platforms, and flexible enough to appeal to different stages of life and play.

The new identity is the personable, fun and interactive branding that's clear across various touch-points. Cementing Timezone as the place to create fun memories with family and friends.

Timezone slide 4

Following the success of their rebranding, Timezone ventured overseas with a new concept—Timezone Play ‘N’ Learn.

Launching in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India the new brand focuses on creating unique learning journeys for children through our most natural mode of learning—play. By shadowing and working with their team in Vietnam we developed an immersive user journey and environmental experience that shaped not just the identity and experience but also the products. It was a means for customers to build familiarity, loyalty and encourage repeat visitorship as they grow through the ages.

Timezone slide 5

As they enter, children and their parents or guardians are greeted by interactive touch-points designed to engage and elevate the learning journey. Created for children aged 0–12 the concept complements and enhances the way children play. Featuring multiple themes and a spectrum of colours that stimulate their imagination. And ours.

Timezone slide 6
Swarovski slide 1

Swarovski is the world's leading producer of precision-cut crystals for fashion, interiors and architecture. But how do you translate crystalline beauty to an inspiring corporate culture and a branded customer experience?

That's where you get them to channel their inner Monroe.

Corporate communications / Print / Film/Video / Event
Swarovski slide 2


When Swarovski HQ developed a new set of strategic business and brand plans coined Swarovski 2020, antics@play was tasked to roll it out to staff across Asia Pacific and Japan. We had to make the vision relevant to a regional audience, and prepare staff at all levels to live the values via a structured training and ambassadorship programme.


To generate strong staff understanding and commitment, we whisked key teams from across Asia on an exhilarating journey by way of a 2-day hands-on workshop.

Swarovski slide 3

Creatively we had them peer into their long-term vision and goals, internalise what it means to be an ambassador for Swarovski, and enkindled their desire to get there. Participants worked on strategies to deliver long-term business, and left with an enabling kit of collaterals to inspire their colleagues back home.

We also created opportunities for staff to be reminded of their renewed goals and values following the session. From branded customisable work diaries to training videos, we worked with the Swarovski team to create sparkling moments from office to storefront.

Swarovski slide 4
Acuvue slide 1
Assets Management

Making inroads into a new region has its challenges. Couple that by transitioning with an entirely different industry, and you have Evergreen.

With a history of nearly three decades, Evergreen was transforming from a timbre business into a broad-based enterprise made up of microfinance businesses in Indochina.

By revamping its positioning, identity, and setting strategies, we rebranded Evergreen and expanded its narrative from being a finance provider to an entity that nurtures businesses and communities.

Branding / Strategy / Identity / Social media / Content / Corporate communications
Acuvue slide 2


Asset management firms are a dime a dozen. Being a relatively new player, Evergreen was under the radar compared to the bigger names out there.

So how can we help Evergreen inspire trust and relevance in a vast market like Indochina?

We did so by giving it a new lease of life and purpose to establish trust among investors and microfinance borrowers. Here’s how!

Acuvue slide 3


Through research and interviews with the leadership team, we found that Evergreen was dedicated to providing financial services to the underbanked population in Indochina.

But beyond material wealth, we saw the opportunity for Evergreen to be so much more: To be the ones changing lives through positive social, financial and emotional impact that will empower generations to come.

And with that, we shaped the positioning based on developing social and economic prosperity.

ColorWash slide 4

We told a story of connection, empowerment and growth. Drawing back to Evergreen’s knowledge and resources built over the years, we created a brand story that sowed trust among investors–envisioning a future of opportunities and changing lives.

ColorWash slide 5

We refreshed the identity based on the idea of stability, rootedness and growth. From the logo, colours, typeface to imagery, we conveyed Evergreen’s energetic and action-oriented nature, and its connection to the community.

ColorWash slide 6

For the launch of Evergreen Fund, we designed collaterals from a presentation deck to a fund factsheet for potential investors.

The factsheet featured an iconic local structure juxtaposed with the beauty and culture of Indochina, showing investors the potential and opportunities the region offers.

The fund launch was a hit, making waves and attracting significant interest from accredited investors.

The refreshed brand appealed to investors, who are ready to rise to new horizons and meet their aspirations together with Evergreen.

Starbucks slide 1

You know Christmas has arrived when Starbucks’ red cups hit the streets. A modern tradition that has become synonymous with the magic of the season. For Christmas 2018, we reimagined and made the festivities a venti to engage consumers online and drive footfall into stores. We put the joy and excitement back into Christmas at Starbucks. A seemingly Santa-level task when the brief first dropped.

Digital / Social media / Strategy / Content / Activation
Starbucks slide 2


Christmas takes the top spot amongst holidays when it comes to crowds. A mad rush for brands and consumers alike to beat one another to giving or snagging the best deals, and sending out fuzzy and warm season’s greetings.

As the blizzard of Christmas-themed products and messages increases in intensity and volume each year. And with Millennials preferring unique and differentiated messages. Starbucks’ ownership of the holiday experience amongst coffeehouses had been ground down.

Starbucks slide 3


A Christmas experience both in-store and digital was needed to help Starbucks reclaim the Christmas narrative. Our task was to get Starbucks’ fans and even rejecters to get their holidays on with an extra shot or 2 or more. It was time to get Christmassier.

Encouraging consumers to get Christmassier were rich media banners that invited them to play-to-win. From random clicks that changed their Christmas narrative from blah to bazinga!, to a Christmas jackpot game, users got into the festive mood while unlocking rewards that went straight into their membership account. Coupled with geo-location ads that pinged coffee fans within radial distance from coffeehouses, store traffic was given a significant boost, while additional membership signups were a delightful Christmas bonus.

Starbucks slide 4

In a 1st for Starbucks Singapore, we created Giphy stickers for fans to customise their Starbucks Christmas story and spread the #MerrySips on social.

The 2-month-long campaign garnered over 1.4 million in reach and 12.9 million impressions. Creatively, the campaign scored a creative relevance score between 8–10, above the average market score of 7. And if anything else, we delivered the Christmas cheer in heaps and scoops.

evian Slide 1

We may not be babies, but we can certainly think like one! When evian tasked us to increase brand share across Asia by building on their iconic Live Young campaign, we not only rose to the challenge, we successfully evolved it. Helping others see the world through a child's eyes? That we can surely do.

Strategy / PR / Campaign / Media relations / Social media / Celebrity and influencer relations / Content / Event / Print / Writing / Film/Video / Experiential
evian Slide 2


Since rolling out their 1st Roller Babies campaign in 2009, evian has managed to conquer much of the Western markets with their popular Live Young campaign leveraging sports celebrities like Maria Sharapova and Lydia Ko. But of course, other mortals – not just athletes – need naturally pure and uniquely balanced water too. Recognising this, we collaborated with evian to evolve and grow its brand share beyond tennis hounds and armchair athletes by bridging association with the entertainment scene for the 7th edition of this iconic campaign. Just for Asia. We call it Oversize.

evian Slide 3


With the campaign heavily focused on lifestyle, we worked with popular entertainment celebrities that resonated with evian's target audiences from key Asian markets: Singer-host Ella Chen (from Mandopop group S.H.E.) for Taiwan, Chinese actress Sun Li for Hong Kong, and radio powerhouse Rozz Lee for Singapore. From in-store POSMs and high-touch events to social media buzz and branded content, we created association, affinity and stories of how these celebrities Live Young with evian. But beyond passive consumption of evian's messages, we gave the public a chance to be inspired by these personalities and share their live young stories too.

evian Slide 4
evian Slide 5

The regional Oversize campaign was kicked off officially in Taiwan in Jul 2017 at the trendy Xinyi district in Taiwan by Ella. That's where she helped us launch evian's 1st-ever Asia Oversize fashion wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from the fashion world, we created 4 fashion backdrops and oversized accessories for the public to get into the mood of creating their own Oversize stories, just like Ella.

evian Slide 6

The campaign was subsequently launched in Hong Kong and Singapore. But this time, we brought the party in-store and online, with a regional social media contest that spurred sales and PR noise. Many were seduced by the chance to win the 4D3N trip to luxuriate in the evian Spa at the 6-star Signiel Hotel in Seoul. Who doesn't want to rejuvenate like Ella and Rozz?

Working closely with the media and influencers, we generated over 220 pieces of media coverage and garnered over 600 contest submissions in just 3 months. Not to mention a new generation of adult babies whose mission is to live young the evian way.

evian Slide 7
evian Slide 8
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