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Revving up sustainability with Polestar

When people think of electric cars, the first household name that comes to mind is probably Tesla. Thus, the objective is clear; when we set out to market the Polestar 2, we knew we had to make a heck of a splash! Our goal was to showcase its eco-friendly features and highlight its eco creds. The plan was to create an activation space that would command people’s attention and incite them to drive away with one.


The challenge we faced was how to effectively launch the largely unheard of Polestar 2 in a market not yet convinced of EVs, and for the convinced few, who had eyes only for Tesla. We needed to find a creative solution that would make people stop in their tracks and take notice of this incredible car.


To tackle the problem head-on, we drove the Polestar 2 into the streets, and displayed it where its target audience work, live and play. We then decorated the back of the vehicle with a pristine white giant inflated cloud balloon, instantly and economically conveying its green creds. No more pollution! Say hi to clean air! Strategically placed QR codes further encouraged the public to learn about its impressive EV specs and book a test drive.

To keep the magic alive, we worked with media and influencers to test drive the vehicle and share their experience with fellow Singaporeans. Needless to say, their positive encounters with EV, and this particular EV, pole vaulted the Polestar 2 into public consciousness and successful sales. A new bright star in the Singapore’s EV scene? Check.