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Because sustainability is Evergreen

Making inroads into a new region has its challenges. Couple that by transitioning with an entirely different industry, and you have Evergreen Asset Management. With a history of nearly 30 years, Evergreen wanted to transform from a timbre business into a broad-based enterprise made up of microfinance businesses in Indochina. By revamping its positioning, identity, and setting strategies, we rebranded Evergreen and expanded its narrative from finance provider to an entity that nurtures businesses and communities.


Asset management firms are a dime a dozen. Being a relatively new player, Evergreen was under the radar compared to the bigger names out there. So how can we help Evergreen inspire trust and relevance in a vast market like Indochina? We did so by giving it a new lease of life and purpose to establish trust among investors and microfinance borrowers.


Through research and interviews with the leadership team, we found that Evergreen was dedicated to providing financial services to the underbanked population in Indochina. But beyond material wealth, we saw an opportunity for them to be so much more: To be the ones changing lives through positive social, financial and emotional impact that will empower generations to come.

And with that, we shaped the positioning based on developing social and economic prosperity. We told a story of connection, empowerment and growth. Drawing back to Evergreen’s knowledge and resources built over the years, we created a brand story that sowed trust among investors–envisioning a future of opportunities and changing lives.

We refreshed the identity based on the idea of stability, rootedness and growth. From the logo, colours, typeface to imagery, we conveyed Evergreen’s energetic and action-oriented nature, and its connection to the community.