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iHerb you wanted some local flavour

With ambitious goals to drive growth, boost brand visibility, and connect with Singapore’s health-conscious consumers, iHerb, the American health and wellness e-commerce giant, needed a plan to supercharge its Singapore presence and become the go-to local source for all things wellness.

So, when they tapped antics@play for a transformative solution, we put on our flip flops, ditched the BBT, got our ‘omm’ on at Bukit Timah Park, to get ourselves inspired to come up with a narrative and a brand that spoke to Singaporeans.


iHerb had a bit of an identity crisis in Singapore. No local office? Check. Seen as a faraway American brand? Sadly, yes. And to top it off, the brand just didn’t feel familiar to its Singaporean customers. Limited consumer insights also hindered its ability to connect authentically with Singaporean customers. While offering competitive prices, consumer awareness of iHerb’s unique offerings remained low.


To address these challenges, the antics@play team conducted in-depth research, revealing a Singaporean consumer preference for quality, convenience, and value in wellness products, along with a preference for the familiar.

Guided by these insights, we crafted a multi-pronged strategy for iHerb. This involved localising the iHerb brand identity for better resonance, partnering with local influencers to tell local stories and leveraging social media to highlight iHerb’s advantages through relatable, educational content focused on Singaporean health trends. To nurture trust and loyalty, iHerb shifted from a sales-driven approach to becoming a valuable wellness resource for Singaporean consumers.

The Results

The impact of our strategy was evident.

Within months, follower growth exceeded 60%, and average engagement skyrocketed to 117%, showcasing increased brand interest and interaction. Average ROAS exceeded 195%,highlighting the effectiveness of our campaigns in reaching new audiences and driving sales. Through strategic localisation, insightful marketing, and a focus on the customer experience, iHerb cemented its position in the competitive Singaporean wellness market with a little help from antics@play.