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Get in the right Timezone

Timezone is an international chain of family amusement arcades synonymous with joy and fun-filled memories across generations in APAC. Hopping on to play co-op with Timezone got our adrenaline pumping. We were going to take it to the final boss and beyond. What did Timezone need? A reboot, refresh and to get everyone itching to “Play Again”.


With fierce competition from new and exciting brands, Timezone’s youthful charm had withered. Shooting up nefarious bad guys and their henchmen in Time Crisis, living NASCAR dreams in Daytona USA and branding from a bygone era wasn’t making the leaderboard anymore. To Millennials and Gen-Zs the brand was a dusty game cartridge.


Developing Timezone’s new brand identity required us to equip it for modern conventions. This means brand collaterals that can be adapted for use across various media channels and platforms, and a flexible enough identity to appeal to different stages of life and play. The resulting look is personable, fun and, most importantly, interactive. Cementing Timezone as the place to create fun memories with family and friends.

Following the success of their rebranding, Timezone ventured into the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India with a new concept—Timezone Play ‘N’ Learn. Designed to create unique learning journeys for children through their most natural mode of learning—play. As they enter, kids are greeted by interactive touchpoints designed to engage and elevate their brain and motor skills. Created for children aged 0–12 the concept complements and enhances the way children play and learn as they grow. Featuring multiple themes and a spectrum of colours that stimulate their imagination. And ours.