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Making an impact with Schroders

Since 2009, antics@play has been leveraging brand-led narratives and integrated comms to help respected global fund house Schroders convey its purpose and leadership while creating an impact not only in the finance scene but also among the community. With an appetite for innovation and exploration, we shepherded Schroders along the ever-changing zeitgeist–showing the public that a financial brand can be so much more.


Working with a financial brand is akin to treading a tightrope. There’s a need to sound corporate to evoke confidence, method and stability. But sounding too corporate can void the brand of any personality. So how do you strike that right balance? Especially for Schroders–a brand seeking to be part of a digital and sustainable future.


Over the years, we’ve managed to balance information, education, networking, entertainment and excitement for Schroders. And that has created numerous ground-breaking moments in our partnership. From experimenting with new creative mediums and launching meaningful campaigns to staging immersive and techy events, we’ve done them all. We brought Schroders on a journey of discovery into the heart of their brand and returned with unexpected ways of communicating their stories.

Beyond conveying finance-related education and product information, we also help tell their sustainability story: From climate to governance and DEI. From the award-winning #MakingAnImpact to Beyond Profit campaigns, we helped them leapfrog ahead of their peers in ambition and impact. And took home duffle bags’ worth of medals from the MARKies, Marketing Excellence Awards and Digital Impact Awards. While setting industry benchmarks for campaign success all at the same time.

In recent years, we’ve also helped them enter the wild frontier that is Web 3. From POAPs and NFTs to imagining a possible future in the metaverse, we continue to nudge Schroders into new formats of engagement and write new chapters in their story, while enabling a transformative and immersive experience for them and their clients. The response has been tremendous, with some download rates for POAPs charting at 82%.

Besides conquering digital frontiers, we also continue to help Schroders reinvent the Chinese New Year red packet and Hari Raya sampul duit year after year. And each year these coveted items continue to fascinate, with customers and media spellbound from their wild ambitions ranging from AR and scented ink to sustainability and soulful storytelling. These collaterals mirror Schroders’s method perfectly: The frontiers may be wild, but when we tether them to the community and what we need to thrive as a society, that’s what gives these explorations and excursions meaning. Community twinned with purpose? Now that’s true prosperity.