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Making things #evian more extraordinary

We may not be babies, but we can certainly think like one! When evian tasked us to increase brand share across Asia by building on their iconic Live Young campaign, we not only rose to the challenge, we successfully evolved it. Helping others see the world through a child’s eyes? That we can surely do.


Since rolling out their 1st Roller Babies campaign in 2009, evian has managed to conquer much of the Western markets with their popular Live Young campaign leveraging sports celebrities like Maria Sharapova. But us mere mortals need naturally pure and uniquely balanced water too. We collaborated with evian to then evolve and grow its brand share beyond sports into entertainment. Just for Asia. We call it Oversize.


With the campaign heavily focused on lifestyle, we worked with popular entertainment celebrities that resonated with evian’s target audiences from key Asian markets: Singer-host Ella Chen (from Mandopop group S.H.E.) for Taiwan, Chinese actress Sun Li for Hong Kong, and radio powerhouse Rozz Lee for Singapore. From in-store POSMs and high-touch events to social media buzz and branded content, we created association, affinity and stories of how these celebrities Live Young with evian. But beyond passive consumption of evian’s messages, we gave the public a chance to be inspired by these personalities and share their Live Young stories too.

Working closely with the media and influencers, we generated over 220 pieces of media coverage and garnered over 600 contest submissions in just 3 months. Not to mention a new generation of adult babies whose mission is to live young the evian way.