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#MoneyParenting done right with Eastspring

What better way to impact the future than by promoting financial knowledge to parents? Together with Eastspring Investments, we did our part and educated the public across the region on the importance of financial inclusion and financial parenting–to build up the next-gen money-savvies. The best part is? We didn’t preach. We made them play.


To most who aren’t in the field of finance, financial parenting may feel dry and preachy. Not to mention, financial attitudes vary differently among parents in various regions. So how can we make it more accessible to the general public?


Leveraging research, we found scientific proof that children learn by copying their parents. Which means, parents need to set a good example! We angled our campaign around the idea that parents should be good financial role models. So no more secret late-night online shopping sprees!

To get our point across, we shot a thought-provoking social experiment video with an outcome that surprised parents everywhere, that made them go, “Oh crap”. We also launched visuals of children mimicking their parents in various daily scenarios. It’s about how the smallest of actions can greatly influence our little ones. With this campaign, we successfully helped Eastspring nudge parents everywhere into self-reflection, and into being a good “moneyparent”.

In Singapore and Malaysia, we received more than 50M impressions from paid channels in 3 months. The social experiment video blazed a trail online, challenging 420K parents into action. The campaign made headlines, with coverage by dailies, broadcast and business media across Asia. While the term “money parenting” entering parenting and finance lexicon, dominating search engines and industry publications.