Thank you for this first 10 years

Winnie Pua
Winnie Pua

It has been a decade since antics@play started shop. Unbelievable! Am I that old already?
antics@play is made up of its people; staff, clients, partners. So to those who were a part of, or who worked with antics@play at any time, a big thank you.

As I sit down with my wine to write this article, I pause and wonder who and what do I remember?

At a time, we were a smaller marketing agency of 6. We organised a year-end party for our client. We had to DIY most parts, but there were giggles and wine. Probably too much wine but I thought then, we treated every client’s work as our own.

We transformed into a brand-led strategy-driven agency. We were planning go-to-market plans for contact lenses, and campaigns for top crystal and jewellery brands. I remember shopping non-stop (man, don’t we love it!), all in the name of retail research. Pretending to be consumers is very real for us.

There were tough times, of course. As a small business, we streamlined, built partnerships, and tried different tactics and strategies. But what really pulled us through were our friends; like-minded media agencies, technology partners, printers, trusted clients. We learnt from others how some things should be done, we grew and matured.

I remember tears, fat tears with some laughter. At the end of a product launch project this year, both antics Players and client kinda teared up. I recalled the year we developed a brand scent for a client and scented their red packet paper. Most of all I remember all the arguments why it couldn’t be done, yet we did it. Or when we tested the app for the 100th time for the same client. I remembered thinking ‘ we are some crazy buggers!’ I remember one of us excusing herself at a client’s brand positioning presentation, and I noticed some tearing, because she was so ‘shook’ by it. We are persistent, and crazy like that.

Did 10 years pass in a blur? Are we wiser for it?

Through ups and downs, we learnt. But like new kids tasting ice cream for the first time, we dream of creative work that makes people laugh, cry, and briefs that make us sit up and just wanna jump onto it. Curiosity and wonderment never goes away. #10YearsUnwiser. It sure keeps us on our toes.

And as we celebrate this 10-year mark, I look at antics Players, past and present, as well as our clients, and hope that we have instilled this need for wonderment, joy of marketing in all of them, and hope in some way, we did make a difference.


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