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Lynn Koh

3 tips to building and maintaining a media list

It is important to nail that message when you are sending out a media release, but sending it out to the right people is equally important. Knowing which media publications and the right recipient for your story is paramount to getting your story published. Make sure that your release lands in the right inboxes by following these 3 tips.

Tip 1: Keep a master media list

Keep a master media list of all your contacts. I use Excel and my media contacts are split into categories, such as newspapers, digital, bloggers, countries, etc.

It will suck up an entire day (or 2!), but if done correctly, sorting out media contacts for your next campaign will be a breeze.

Tip 2: Do your due research

After sorting out who works where, you need to find out what they write about, and the topics that the journalists and influencers are interested in. After all, it will not be helpful to either party if you sent the editor of Straits Times Digital Life a news release on the latest F&B outlet in Telok Ayer.

While you are keeping an eye out for competitors’ news, that media contact that wrote that story could be open to receiving news stories from you. So if you see publications or sections that could be a good fit for your brand, add that editor or journalist to your media list.

Tip 3: Keep it updated

Lastly, the media landscape is ever fluid. Stay on top of the latest media moves with Telum media, or you can always stay connected to your media contacts on social media.

An up-to-date media list will secure you coverage from the right publications and help you build a strong relationship with them. Reaching out to them when you have relevant information will prove valuable to both parties.