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Alston Chee

Podcast marketing: Transforming voice into brand loyalty

Picture yourself in the future. On a global level, a handful of countries now run on renewable, green energy. Closer to home, familiar brands make appearances on the face of your IoT-enabled home appliances—bridging the gap between consumers and brands. Grocery shopping or finding the best place to have dinner is as simple as saying a few words to your device. To adapt to our convenient, voice-controlled routines, brands too have developed their own voices to be more personable.

Although fully voice-controlled brand interactions may only come to fruition in the next decade, brands are already honing their vocal muscles and providing value to their customers through the next big marketing goldmine: Podcasts.

Why should podcast be a part of your marketing strategy?

The podcast boom has only just begun. Due to its ease of consumption, podcast listenership has grown tremendously over the past few years. Not only does podcast fit seamlessly into an audience’s lifestyle, it also appeals to audiences that are affluent and information-hungry. According to Podcast Insights, in Feb 2021, there were just over 1.75 million podcasts as compared to an astonishing figure of 600 million blogs. Needless to say, the demand for podcast has been growing steadily but with lesser market saturation.

Putting your voice out there

While audio branding is considered the new kid ‘round the block in Asia, branded podcast has already made its mark in western markets. Akin to blogs, podcasts disseminate information and establish thought-leadership without feeling salesy. Through podcast, brands can harness the power of sound to amplify their presence online, extending their brand personality beyond pixels on a page. Thereby, enhancing engagement with audiences and building brand awareness in a conversational way.

As podcasts start to gain traction in Asia, being a first-mover can cut through the clutter, boost target audience reach and raise awareness. So what should you look out for when you plan podcast content?

Honing in on a niche

podcast marketing niche much like bands

Like pop stars, rock bands or DJs, brands need to discover the niche and value they can provide with their branded podcast—only then will they build a loyal fanbase. 

A branded podcast can offer a range of exciting communication opportunities based on a brand’s proposition and identity. Some of it includes establishing brand authority, creating entertainment or even conducting community-inspired education speeches.

Producing podcasts that focus on key observations and trends can position your brand as an expert in the industry. Hence, making your brand relevant and cultivating brand loyalty among your customers. Furthermore, podcasts can also simplify complex subjects and turn them into informative content, helping your customers understand topics better. Ultimately, content and format planning depends on understanding your target audience and the topics that appeal to them.

From podcast to marketing stardom

Podcast marketing your brand to a loyal fanbase

Podcast shouldn’t just be perceived as a marketing platform. After all, it’s the content that counts. As audio content, podcasts can create rich and sensorial storytelling. For listeners, that’s important because no one would like to tune in to a 15 minutes sales speech while they’re on their way to work.

Thus, a branded podcast should provide value and insights rather than sell a product or brand.  When it comes to podcast, think of it as an educational talk show—what is the message that your brand intends to convey, why will it benefit your audience, and how can you make it interesting for them. Doing so can spark meaningful content that audiences will remember your brand for. Therefore, associating positive brand recall and elevating your brand’s top-of-mind awareness.

How have brands used podcasts in their marketing?

Venturing and planning for a new medium may take some getting used to. But fret not. Brands such as Facebook and McAfee have paved the way with their branded podcast.

Back in 2019, Facebook launched its first podcast, “Three and a Half Degrees“. The inspirational talk show highlighted the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Guest speakers from different SMEs and MNCs were invited to share business insights. Through Three and a Half Degrees, business owners and stakeholders learned how connectivity and technology could help with their success. The podcast has grown and cemented Facebook as a business network that supports and empowers businesses.

Gearing towards consumers, there’s McAfee, the internet security SaaS firm that released one of the earliest branded podcast content: Hackable? The podcast explored different aspects of cybersecurity from myths to cautionary tales. Each episode explored how susceptible we are to cybercriminals. Speaking of being topical, before the last season premiere of Mr. Robot, McAfee released an episode centred around the cyberattacks inspired by the show. Overall, Hackable? was able to captivate audiences with its relatable and entertaining storytelling.

Brands, it’s time to go radio

The future is now. As technology advances, so should brands and the way they communicate with their audiences. So what will your brand sound like?

What will your brand podcast sound like?